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I am the only superhero whose domain is love -- or lack thereof -- and who mends broken hearts worldwide with the help of the worldwide Web. Natural disasters, criminal masterminds, and global conspiracies have their own superheroes. You know, natural disasters, criminal masterminds, and global conspiracies. I'll give you help when you need it, and a good laugh anytime you come by.

Kanter hopes to make women laugh, like themselves a bit better and feel less alone.

This sharp, successful and attractive brunette has been there more than once, and she bares all in chapters such as "Mr. Stinky" and "The Types You Can't Avoid Dating." "I tried to give them a little credit," Kanter said dryly.

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Singles know two things about dating: If you can avoid it, do. Local songwriter Hillary Kanter was sick of hearing the same simplistic advice from self-help books such as, "When you're not looking, he'll come along." Inside Info Hillary Kanter signs Dating Sucks from - today at Boutique Bella, 2817 West End Ave., Suite 111, 467-1471.

Read a sample chapter and hear her song, "Dating Sucks," at

They are all about comedy radio all the way over the top.Find a Member Globally The association was formed in 1987 and its members have established an infrastructure of mutual support and share the highest standards of professional duties and client service.IECnet has over 65 members and, due to its medium size, extensive personal contacts have been established and strengthened between the members for their benefit and, more importantly, for the benefit of their clients. The bombs may drop, the floods may come, but we are rarely a moment away from saying, "Did he call? My superpowers allow me not only to hear heartbreak, but also to find the rueful humor therein. Love's not just the fluff piece at the end of the news, you know. " I believe that we can all make our breakups, and thus our relationships, and thus our bad selves — and thus the planet — better places.My job is to fight crimes of the heart, stop dating indignities, get your stuff back, help you help your mom through your breakup, make good relationships great ... I promise to be as thoughtful and fun as the relationships I’d like you to have.

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