Who is roethlisberger dating


"I know he was supposed to send a limo for me too, but it broke down." This photo from Saturday, July 23, 2011, provided by goldsteinphotography.com, shows Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger, right, and Ashley Harlan of New Castle, Pa.

He is one of six quarterbacks in NFL history to have beaten at least 31 of the current NFL teams.

Ben Roethlisberger, 33, the Pittsburgh Steelers‘ star quaterback, was carted off the field during the Sept. While he’s recuperating, get to know more about Ben and while Steelers fans are eagerly awaiting his return! The two have similar playing strategies and styles. He hasn’t played for another team — and probably won’t!

Ben has a sprained MCL and he’s expected to be out for over a month! Ben idolizes the legendary quarterback, John Elway, and Ben is often compared to the Denver Broncos icon. The Pittsburgh Steelers drafted Ben in 2004, when he was a college Junior.

Though he grew up in Ohio and idolized a Bronco, Ben bleeds yellow and black.

In 2008, Ben signed an eight-year, 2 million contract with the team and has stated he wants to retire as a Steeler! Ben’s a record-breaking passer He currently has the 9th highest all-time Passer Rating.

In 2009, Andrea Mc Nulty, filed a civil suit against Ben in 2009, over allegations that he sexually assaulted her in a Lake Tahoe hotel room in 2008.

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