When to have dating ultrasound


Advanced Ultrasound – This exam is similar to the standard ultrasound, but the exam targets a suspected problem and uses more sophisticated equipment.Doppler Ultrasound – This imaging procedure measures slight changes in the frequency of the ultrasound waves as they bounce off moving objects, such as blood cells.Ultrasound comes from a machine that creates an image of the inside of your body.It shows what your baby looks like while still inside your womb (uterus).An ultrasound exam is a procedure that uses high-frequency sound waves to scan a woman’s abdomen and pelvic cavity, creating a picture (sonogram) of the baby and placenta.

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hi was just wondering when you found out you were pregnant when did you see your doctor?

also I have seen a few people saying they had a dating scan, I have never had a scan so early as what I have seen some people have it (would have loved to though as it would have put my mind at ease a little)Just wondering how many weeks you were when you had your dating scan & How do you go about getting a dating scan (eg does the doctor request it?

Ultrasound can tell you — and your health-care provider — many things about your baby, such as: The moving pictures from the ultrasound machine are like a movie. Ultrasound pictures are made from sound waves which are too high pitched to be heard by the human ear.

The sound waves travel through your skin and are focused on a certain part of your body by a scanning device called a “transducer.” It picks up the sound waves as they bounce back from organs inside the body.

How many ultrasounds you will need depends on whether a previous scan or blood test has detected problems that require follow-up testing.

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