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He returns to Korea to exact revenge on the murderer of his father. my best characters are Micheal king he is a very good actor am impressed with his acting.

Kang-Ta learns that four people are responsible for the death of his father. It was great he murdered his role in this drama dats why i love this drama because of him.

Hwang Woo-Hyun then orders the death of Kang-Ta ... nd the ending gave me that hope of them being together...... This is an amazing tv drama nd i also love the relationship between micheal king nd jin bo-bae its so sweet.....the best in production..... But am very sad when vivian betrayed micheal king and the death of choi kang hee.

I love this show it got interesting an i hope there's more of it... i really cried a lot in this drama.thumbs up to all the cast in this drama they all did a marvellous job.

While carrying out his plans he is betrayed by his partner Vivian (Han Go Eun). am jst in love wit this man he is very sexy,charismatic,hot nd very handsome. My second pick is vivian she is very beautiful nd sexy she made me fall in love wit her sexy looks. nd also jin bobae which is micheal king love interest i d'nt really lky dis woman she is not very beautiful nd her role is very weak.

He is then nursed back to health by Jin Bo-Bae (Han Chae-Young), a woman he met by coincidence. The story of him unfolding from Peter Pan to Michael King to Choi Kang-Ta is really interesting. nd jang mi she was beautiful nd sexy in her own role.

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After Kang-Ta recovers he settles down in a slum neighborhood and finds peace with the residents and himself. nd to the rest of the cast u guys did very well..... love all the cast they all did a great job in this drama. i really enjoyed watching this drama "AMCG" it really the best ever.

But, peace doesn't last long as Korean CIA official Hwang Woo-Hyun (Kim Min-Jong) is filled with jealousy that Kang-Ta has stolen Bo-Bae. I really want more episodes but gotta put work in it an I don't think it will happen but I hope theirs more Korean Drama related like that.... But anyways nice work with everything I appreciate your effort in this show its entertaining... I also lky the end because it dnt end sadly but happily i know micheal king nd jin bo-bae would be together in the future because of the letter he sent to her nd in epi 22 jin bobae said she had hope, they would be together in the future. "Song il-Guk" Micheal king is my first pick in this drama, he is very talented in acting nd also impressive i love his movement style,sexy body,smiles nd he is very handsome followed by vivian she is very beautiful nd sexy nd also talented nd others lky Jin bo-bae,jang mi,choi kang hee,johnny,professor,sunbae u guys rock!!! My favourite characters are "Micheal king" who is a very good actor he did greatly in his role nd also jin bobae,vivian,jang mi,johnny,proffessor,choi kang hee,woo hyun they all did a great job in this drama i also love the action scenes it was great nd more fast pace.

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