Updating phone memory contents error


If you’re certain that you have enough free space on your SD card, read on. Before we go into more details, make sure to perform a hard reboot on your Android device first and see if the problem gone.A fix that wonders on most Android devices is not clearing any caches and not using any sort of memory cleaner apps.If the update is not received, the device drops from the list, and subsequent repeated clicking on the button ‘check for updates’ automatically sends the device to the bottom of the list.When a new stage of distribution starts, clicking on the button get a 25 % chance of receiving the update.Try to unmount the SD card, reformat it, then save your photos again to verify its functionality.If you have the same problem after a reformat, try using a different one.

During this time, bugs are identified allowing the updating process to be put on hold if any critical errors are registered with a large number of users.

After that over a couple of weeks, updating is provided to 25, 50, 100 % of users, i.e.

at the initial stage only one device out of a hundred stands a chance of getting an upgrade.

Shortly after that, firmware starts to be distributed over the air.

According to one of Google developers, Dan Morrill, (goo.gl/L85m SS), the first few OTA updates are sent to 1 % of devices.

for around 5 pictures then back to exclamation point. Those black exclamation marks you’re getting when trying to view your photos are clear indicators of a corrupted file.

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