Updating multiple blogs at once


The Support Repository requires SSL certificates to be configured on the relevant client systems.You can obtain the SSL certificates by using the registration application at All editions across the board now support and allow 50 instances.It used to be that some editions were limited to 16 editions.Last update November 14th 2014 Are you confused about how often to update your blog? Creating new blog updates and blog post scheduling seems to worry new bloggers more than anything else.It’s something I’ve experimented with a lot, and you’ll probably need to experiment with it too, because we’re all different with varying time constraints and writing abilities.

Administrators should read the release notes a given update comes with to determine its impact and applicability.

The Oracle Support Repository contains a number of bug fixes and critical security fixes that can be applied to existing Oracle Solaris 11 installations helping to ensure that systems run without a hitch in the data center.

The Support Repository is updated on a monthly basis, and these updates are called Support Repository Updates (SRU).

However, if you're going to update the firmware of a production drive, make sure to read our tips on how to minimize the risk while using this powerful new functionality.

Firmware updates are a potentially risky maintenance operation and you should only apply them after thorough testing of the new firmware image.

Unlike Oracle Solaris Update releases, which include a wide range of new operating system features, the Oracle Support Repository is available only to systems under a support contract and includes a smaller set of critical changes. If you would like to get up to speed with IPS, read "How to Update Oracle Solaris 11 Systems From the Oracle Support Repository." The Oracle Solaris 11 software is delivered by a set of packages, with each group of packages constrained by , which ensure that package versions are consistent (and tested) with each other.

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