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The i OS app, which is currently invite-only to ensure a balanced user-base, works by asking users to specify what age-range and gender/s they would like to meet, and then drops them into a news feed where they can read, like, comment on or swipe past news articles (from the usual ‘trending content’ suspects, e.g. The content each user sees is tailored to their particular interests, pulled via the app’s Facebook log-in requirement.Well, read on and see how you can exert firm influence over your mind’s natural bonding process.Read more If you’re one of the many women who seem to get everything right in their life except relationships, then I’m sure lots of people are telling you that you need to get yourself out there more, or work on yourself, or even just focus on something other than dating.However, there are certain trends emerging which can give us a little bit of insight.Between friends, work commitments, gym classes and keeping some semblance of an organised home, who the hell has time for dating? Dating apps are already helping us cut through the chaff when it comes to Happn’s "See You There" feature is about a year old.Does the idea of falling in love on purpose seem crazy to you?

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