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“For parents and stuff, I can never say Tinder,” said the twenty-five-year-old, who lives with female friends in an upscale neighborhood in the capital, Cairo.She requested anonymity because of the stigma against dating and sex outside of marriage in socially conservative Egypt.When she was born, she reportedly weighed 11 pounds (5 kg), and by the age of 11, she’d started to put on weight.By fifth grade she’d stopped going to school because her thyroid problems were making her lethargic.The victims featured in the photos include a woman wearing a headscarf and an unveiled girl to refute the claim that it's clothing that provokes sexual harassment.Through an interview with the campaign's founders, Al-Monitor was able to find out the details of this bold photo session that went viral within a few hours.Publicity surrounding Eman’s plight caught the attention of eminent Mumbai-based surgeon, Dr.

Some of these campaigns implore victims to speak up and report the incident, while other initiatives condemn the harassers.

He plans to set in motion a series of operational procedures that will reduce her weight to below 220 pounds (100kg.) “She is battling with her life every single day,” Dr. He says that as things stand, how long she lives is anybody’s guess.

“Right now she is like a living bombshell, which could blow up on her any moment.” According to Guinness World Records, the world’s heaviest living woman is Pauline Potter from the United States, who weighs 643 pounds (291.6 kg.) ‘She always had hope’ Eman’s family says she’s suffered from thyroid problems since she was a child.

In this staged photo, an Egyptian woman is sexually harassed as a bystander — his mouth taped shut — looks on, posted on March 24, 2017.

A new anti-harassment campaign in Egypt encourages bystanders to speak out against harassment.

“It’s everything I hate about [Egyptian] society condensed in an app.” She asked Vocativ not to use her name because she “manage[s] a lot of young boys at work.” Still, after first trying out Tinder in Canada, she’s continued to use it in Cairo on-again off-again to expand her dating circle, with some successful romances along the way. “But in Egypt it’s used for many things.” Traditionally in Egypt sexual relations outside of marriage are taboo — in fact, any dating that happens is generally short and geared towards getting engaged.

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