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But fret not, fellow Facebookers: there's an easy way to set things up so you're only receiving the alerts you actually care about. To keep those little red numbers in check, tap the globe icon where all your notifications pile up, and click Settings. However, if you want to do this on a case-by-case basis (i.e., you don't care about certain friends, but you want to keep tabs on others... ), go to the notification drop-down menu, hover over the notification in question, and click the three-dot icon that appears on the right.

Experts have chosen to release the clip as a warning to other drivers.

sympto can only indicate your infertile phase if it detects an ovulation.

Additionally, sympto cannot be made responsible for an unwanted pregnancy while on HBC such as due to having forgotten to take the pill.

This means you've enabled notifications within whatever browser you're using.

Open your Facebook settings in a browser window, and go to Notifications Desktop and Mobile.

In the clip, the girl is driving along a winding road in near-blizzard weather conditions.

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