Radiometric dating and the geological time scale


NSF Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Stony Brook University.

Electronic course reserves, or "e-Reserves," are articles and book chapters that are available online through the University Libraries.

The Survey consists of a diverse group of scientists, specialists, and support staff dedicated to serving the earth science needs of the state of Indiana.

They include research geologists in a variety of disciplines and specialists in cartography, GIS, database and web development, editing, and layout design, supported by an active business staff.

Walnut Grove Bloomington, IN 47405-2208 Hours: 8am-12pm and 1pm-5pm, Monday-Friday 812-855-7636 (phone) 812-855-2862 (fax) email [email protected] Indiana Geological Survey (IGS) has served the people of Indiana since 1837.

Established in Indiana Statute in 1993 as an institution of Indiana University, and under the direction of the Office of the Vice Provost for Research, the IGS is committed to providing unbiased and reliable earth science information through directed research, service, and education.

In this activity, you will be able to combine your knowledge of relative dating methods (learned in Activity 7) with the absolute dating method to determine more accurately the geologic history of a region.

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