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I was recommended these hostels by multiple friends who had stayed in Amsterdam. Both the bar and smoking room had good social atmospheres. Shoutout to Charly at the bar for being helpful and serving us drinks all night! You mat pay more than some other hostels in the area but you get what you pay for, (except on wkends, when everywhere in Amsterdam is insanely priced). – Australia I have to say for a party-type hostel with a bar and smoking room this place is very well maintained. Close to everything and the beds were super comfy which is always a nice bonus in a hostel!! For a first time European traveler, The Flying Pig Downtown was THE BEST hostel I could stay at. I have been staying in hostels for 30 years and TFP is by far the best I've ever stayed at. Brazil I loved every minute of it, closest place you can be to feel like you are back in those good days, The Chelsea Hotel came to my mind as soon as I went into the smoking room and started chatting and sharing stories with almost everyone around, those stories are the best souvenir I take with me. Amazing experience, and also, special thanks to the one that put the music playlists, first time I got to actually listen what I like without even asking for it. I found you on Hostelworld, and chose it on the map looking for something central :) Jessica I. Australia I've stayed at both the downtown & uptown flying pigs b4 and wouldn't go anywhere else I love the chilled out vibes of both hostels, it's always full of easy going tourist and staff witch mates your stay more enjoyable. United Kingdom I have stayed at the Uptown and the Downtown hostels, & at both, the awesome staff are what makes these hostels the way that they are. Really good for solo travelers if you want to meet other people to hang out with so you're not going out alone all the time. Also, there's always someone sleeping, so adding some grease to the VERY squeaky room lockers would be great! Heard from friends it was a great place to stay so decided to check it out myself. Everytime I want to stay for sooooo much longer meeting so many great people from all over the world.. We loved the fresh fruit and the outdoor garden and patio was great. I was really surprised about the hostel, everything went perfect and the location couldn't be better. First night I was on the bottom floor but for the rest of the stay I was on the forth floor so lots of stairs. The hostel offers free earplugs so if you had a roommate like mine who's snoring could shake a house you might need them. Peppa Pig is coming to Australia in a brand new super-sized interactive experience called Peppa Pig Playdate.

Adelaide fans will be able to enjoy this new Peppa Pig experience when it arrives from Thursday 20 April to Sunday 23 April 2017. Families are invited to journey into the world of Peppa Pig and her friends where there is so much to see and do throughout the world of Peppa Pig Playdate. The play premiered Off-Broadway in 2004 and won the 2005 Outer Critics Circle Award for Outstanding Off-Broadway Play.The play had its London premiere in 2008 and was nominated for Laurence Olivier Award for Best New Comedy.Fox’s Shop where a range of Peppa Pig merchandise will be on sale.Peppa Pig Playdate immerses Australian families in the world of Peppa Pig in a brand new way that will leave fans smiling from ear to ear.Peppa Pig Playdate from Life Like Touring on Vimeo.

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