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In his Olympic debut at the 2000 Summer Olympics, at the age of 17, Peirsol won a silver medal in the 200-meter backstroke.Four years later, at the 2004 Summer Olympics, Peirsol won gold in the 100-meter and 200-meter backstroke (sweeping the backstroke events) and the 4×100-meter medley relay.But Aaron Peirsol wasn't offended that he wasn't in the Hall of Fame's first class. Peirsol, the five-time Olympic gold medalist as a swimmer, enjoys his life on the peninsula in Newport Beach.

That also is so Aaron."It's one of the most natural things for me in the world," Peirsol said of becoming a lifeguard. Peirsol at 30 remains as well-spoken, down-to-earth and charming since the days I first covered him while at Newport Harbor.

The judges had decided that Peirsol had made an illegal turn on the final lap, and would be duly disqualified, instantly promoting Rogan to victor, and converting the fourth-placed British swimmer James Goddard, angry with himself at having lost a commanding lead to Romanian Razvan Florea, into a bronze medallist.

The United States instantly appealed against the decision, and twenty minutes later the situation again changed when the judges’ call was overturned after the lane judge proved unable to show what exactly Peirsol had done wrong.

As a junior lifeguard as a kid, he idolized Newport Beach lifeguards and had always dreamed of becoming one.

There might be a chance this news could go national from a column in a community newspaper, but Aaron would rather the attention be minimal. At first, he didn't want to be quoted for this column.

Peirsol will start work as a Newport Beach lifeguard Saturday.

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