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Bush was praised for helping millions in Africa by two separate public figures in two unrelated matters - the fight against AIDS in Africa, and South Sudan’s successful fight for independence - on two different television shows.

In honor of Valentine's, Yoga Dates is holding a couple's partner yoga event in Boulder on Friday -- a day after the actual day.

Bruce Springsteen’s new album has been hailed as a soundtrack for Obama’s re-election, especially the song “We Take Care of Our Own” (“wherever this flag’s flown”).

Springsteen is lauded for going on “a tear to raze Wall Street and raise Main Street.” This is where author Jason Mattera comes in to laugh and point with the facts in his new book “Hollywood Hypocrites.” A truly amazing coincidence happened on Monday night as former President George W.

The thinking is that if the Governor is photographed standing beside enough important people it might help quell rumours that she is insufficiently familiar with foreign affairs to sit another bout of skin cancer away from the presidency.

As if the politicization of Sunday night football wasn’t enough, you can now have politics shoved down your throat while watching a concert too.

“I want to get the high-powered people, the busy people,” Rabbi Hecht said.

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