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It is generally used to describe people who have a substantial reach and following on social media platforms, are trend-setters and can shape the opinions and behaviour of many.

Social media marketing agencies say they look at what potential influencers post on social media, their interaction with followers and traffic to their social media channels to determine if someone has what it takes.

For Xu, he told My Paper that he felt the sparks "from the start", and was attracted to Chin's character and caring personality.

Hanging around a bunch of greedy jerks isn’t my kind of ‘fun’. Our New York Webcams have got this state covered from every angle!Genesee, Mohawk and Hudson are the main rivers of the state.Although she is just 18, Ms Naomi Neo has more than 170,000 followers on Instagram and gets ,000 worth of sponsorships a year for clothing, beauty products and gadgets.She is among several other young, hungry and media-savvy individuals here who call themselves "influencers". It paid off, though, even though we now know that they were already an item at the time.

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