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After countless years on our most un-requested feature list, and more than days of detailed sampling, sound design, and engineering, today is the day that now sees Sax for Live proudly unleashed to the world.

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See more ยป During the credits out takes from the interviews are shown, including Glenn Frey's "new" song titles as they are getting older, such as "The Long Walk", "Wife in the Fat Lane" and "I Can't Remember Why". one thing i noticed and will address is that there's a discrepancy between the audio and video on "Walk Away" and will explain the best i can what may have was recorded over a period of nights and they must have taken the best audio and paired it with the best video.every once in a while you'll see something happen but won't hear it or will hear something but won't see it happen.

because audio and video are recorded separately for these live projects this is most likely what happened.

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Live Concert Home Video is a live video album by English band Sade, released on 22 November 1994 by Epic Records.

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