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— “holding hands and getting cozy with each other.” So, has Joseline really switched sides and given up on any chance of a reconciliation? Hopefully all is well between the two and they can make things work, for the sake of adorable Bonnie Bella, if not for each other!

Hollywood Lifers, do you think Joseline and Stevie J will get back together again?

“They’ve always had a crazy up and down relationship, a lot of people think they’re going to get back together.” As Hollywood previously reported, Joseline and Stevie J have had a tumultuous relationship over the years, to say the least! Things got so bad between the two that Joseline even swore-off of dating men for good according to a Jan. report which claims she’s now full-on dating a woman. “I just want to be a good father, and I want her [Joseline] to be a great mother,” he said.

There’s been accusations of cheating, from both sides, in addition to claims of drug and alcohol abuse, alleged physical abuse, and threats of a very nasty custody battle over the couple’s new born baby, daughter, Bonnie Bella, whom they welcomed into the world on Dec. According to Joseline and her new unidentified lady love were getting hot and heavy at an Atlanta-area paid appearance on Jan.29. Stevie admitted that he and Joseline just “gotta come together and be the best parents we can.” And, we couldn’t agree more!

The 30-year-old reality star and her 45-year-old musician baby daddy have split more times than an Olympic gymnast, but the self-styled Puerto Rican Princess is hoping this time love will prevail!

“No matter what Joseline says or how she tries to front like she’s over Stevie, she’s still got feelings for him,” a source close to the situation tells Hollywood EXCLUSIVELY.

A source told us of the new power couple, “They have been seeing each other for a few months — and were together in LA this past weekend.” The insider added: “They are really into each other because they have so much in common — from their Latin roots, to their love of New York, and their kids.” Rodriguez, 41, was also reportedly recently backstage at one of J.

Meanwhile, “Shades of Blue” star Lopez recently shot down rumors she was dating rapper Drake. I am not with Drake,” she said on “The Daily Show With Trevor Noah.” She revealed at the Grammys that the two had just “hung out.” J., Joseline and Stevie are far from settling their differences, despite the fact that she’s pregnant with his child.The cops had to intervene when a nasty, violent brawl broke out between the two, which stemmed from Joseline finding another woman at Stevie’s house.Once the baby is born, Stevie says he wants a psychological evaluation done on Joseline to prove she can handle motherhood. Lo’s Las Vegas gigs during her “All I Have” residency at Planet Hollywood.“I shouldn’t have crossed that line, because once you cross that line, emotions really overwhelm me and her.

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