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He was one of the attorneys representing Terri Schiavo's husband, Michael, and more recently he's sued the Bush administration for its warrantless surveillance policies. That's a felony, according to title 50, section 1809 of the United States Code. You were involved in a surreal battle with the Bush justice department in a legal challenge to Bush's warrantless surveillance.

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During the Al-Haramain case you wrote a response to a government brief that you were not allowed to see. when they say they know, what they mean by that, on their own terms, is that they don't know." Has Mr. When you say you know does that mean you don't know? Bondy told the 9th Circuit judges during oral argument in 2007.Appellate specialist Jon Eisenberg quite literally wrote the book on the subject: he's the co-author of the widely used Rutter Group treatise California Practice Guide: Civil Appeals and Writs. Bush is a felon." Why, and do you ever think he'll be brought to justice? Evidently not by a criminal prosecution, in which the Obama administration seems to have little interest.Eisenberg, of Eisenberg and Hancock, is not afraid of controversy. President Bush has freely admitted that his administration committed warrantless electronic surveillance, violating the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act of 1978. I'm doing my best to see that he's held to account under FISA's civil liability provision, section 1810 of title 50.Has that document been made public yet and is it likely to become public?The document has not yet been made public, although there's been much speculation in the news media and the blogosphere (some of it educated, some not) about the document's contents. At the time, I thought the song was his, so I associated him the single. ‚ÄĚThat evening my favorite block on Music Television came on.

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