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You can also communicate with fellow team members through the Linguistic Team International Forums.A simple dot SUB account will be sufficient to have access to the videos that are opened for translations.

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Angelman syndrome is typically due to a new mutation rather than one inherited from a person's parents.

Occasionally, it is due to inheriting two copies of chromosome 15 from a person's father and none from their mother.

As the father's versions are inactivated by a process known as genomic imprinting, no functional version of the gene remains.

It goes like this, To receive token for authorization, please send POST request to:https:// parameters are:client_id: XXXX,client_secret: XXXX,redirect_uri: XXXX,company_ud: XXXX,username: "your_username",password:"your_password",grant_type: password This works fine. However, the 'scope' parameter is set to null.

Hi API Kollege, Scopes are currently not supported, but we have plan to implement them in near future.

Angelman syndrome is caused by the loss of the normal maternal contribution to a region of chromosome 15, most commonly by deletion of a segment of that chromosome.

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