Dreamweaver template not updating all pages


There is a logo on the top left corner, a navigation menu spanning the left column, and the article itself occupying the right column.

The only thing different about each page is the content of the article itself.

A way to do this is copy the site over to another drive that is accessible to others in the company I'm working in.

The problem is, I copied (ctrl a) & (ctrl c) and pasted all files into another folder (on another drive)...

This chapter deals with how you can use that template system to manage your site.

Imagine having to go through every page on a site with hundreds of pages, just to (say) add a new button to your navigation menu.

For example, if you have links in an uneditable region, you can later automate the process by making the change in the template.

Dreamweaver can add the new link to all the pages in the site created from that template automatically.

In fact, this similarity between pages is not unique to thesitewizard.com: just about every website on the Internet has a basic design that most (or all) pages of that site share. Once your visitors have figured out how to find things on a single page on your site, such as where to find the navigation menu bar, where to find the product description and "Order" button, and so on, they will also know how to use the other pages on your site.

By Janine Warner The great advantage of Dreamweaver templates is that you can automatically apply changes to all the pages created with a template by altering the original template.

I loaded an HTML webpage, and saved it out as a Dream Weaver Template file.

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