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The hexagrams themselves have often acquired cosmological significance and paralleled with many other traditional names for the processes of change such as yin and yang and Wu Xing.

Based on the 4000 year old "Book of Changes", the I Ching has been inspiring and teaching for generations.

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You flopped onto your bed and sighed in refile at the softness of the warm bed... " A voice said out of nowhere as the ends of your hair stood on ends. The man rose in eyebrow in confusion as a power glowed from his chest and released into the air.

You looked around your room to find a man near your window in your room with red and blue tentacles looking things coming from his back. You suddenly felt calmer and stopped trying to kick and hit at him. " "If you don't hurt me will you let me explain? You have five minutes to say anything before I decided my choice." The man smiled as he sat down and started telling his story. I didn't mean to crash land on the poor guy don't below me but I didn't have any way to move since I was in a sleep like state. It's why I have this human like body while still taking on a pokemon like form.

Now e Harmony is being sued for “sexual orientation discrimination” in California by a woman named Linda Carlson who claims she was “denied access” to e Harmony because she’s a lesbian.

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