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Olivia looks as if she were having a daydream, perhaps of someone that gave of her the beautiful white calla lilies she is holding.Her dress is light green and is covered by her cloak of red with mottled blue and yellow and trimmed in blue.If you have any further questions, you can contact us.We know you can tell we are mainly in the Wedgwood business, however when we closed our brick & mortar shop we stored our remaining non-Wedgwood merchandise and now are offering ANTIQUE, VINTAGE, COLLECTIBLE AND DECORATIVE ITEMS on our Alexis Antiques website.Her hair is light brown and worn in a braid twisted into a bun. A white apron and a green shawl with a black two line border and fringe that is wine colored with blue background.

This particular plate is from the Montereau area and was manufactured between about 18.Our large collection of many colored pieces of wedgwood jewelry comes in pink, black, green, blue and a few other colors but those are the main ones and they come in wedgwood rings, wedgwood bracelets, wedgewood pendants and brooches.All of our wedgewood is marked in the rear by the manufacturer WEDGWOOD MADE IN ENGLAND. If you don't see one you what let us know maybe we can find it.These items are searchable just as our Wedgwood is, but in a section which is called ALEXIS ANTIQUES ANNEX.When a Wedgwood customer wants to search only Wedgwood, it will all work just like it always has.It is similar to English creamware, frequently called 'faience fine'; our example is a charcoal grey color but often one finds the transfers in a more sepia color.

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