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The roof pitch is the angle at which your roof sits and is measured in inches per foot.If there isn’t any proper drainage, these accumulations can melt and form what are known as “ponds.” A simple gable style roof with few or little breaks is considered the best design of roof to have in snowy climates.There are benefits and drawbacks to all kinds of roofing materials, but the best for snowy climates are asphalt and metal roofing.Studio: Open Baptist Church Maru-Pula(Village program) Schools: The Learning Centre, Hibiscus Nursery School, Peo Nursery School, Peo Mela Nursery School, Humpty Dumpty Nursery School, Tiny Bubbles Nursery School, Broadhurst Primary School.Received Maestro award for achievement in number of Registration Sales with an Assistant.Metal roofing has long been considered an ideal type of roof for areas that receive a large amount of moisture.

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