Dating dog owners


More than half of owners, 55 per cent, prepare a special birthday meal for their canine companion based on their favourite meal.Meat loaf, fish cakes and chicken stew are just some of the homemade dinner favourites served up at our dogs' parties.In the good old days, editors like early 20th century John B.Bogart used to say: “Dog bites man is not news, because it happens so often.

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In fact, wheeled dog toys representing both the "deer head" and "apple head" varieties of Chihuahua have been unearthed across Mesoamerica from Mexico to El Salvador.

1 thing,' says Grassi, adding that the best way to manage the rat population is to eliminate their food supply.

Spots marked red are deemed to be rat-infested; those in yellow have passed inspection.'As long as there are human beings in New York City, there will be rats, because they live off human garbage — that's their No.

The most common and most likely theory is that Chihuahuas are descended from the Techichi, a companion dog favored by the Toltec civilization in Mexico.

No records of the Techichi are available prior to the 9th century, although dog pots from Colima, Mexico, buried as part of the western Mexico shaft tomb tradition which date back to 300 BC are thought to depict Techichis.

Some 75 per cent of pet owners celebrate their dog's birthday with 58 per cent even singing the famous 'Happy Birthday' song.

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