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Simply drop the surge protector with everything all plugged in and close the lid to hide excess wires and messy cables.

Two outlets run on both sides of Cable Box to allow for necessary cables to come out and plug into their associated devices.

Fortunately, organizations can extend the working life of their data center by renovating the facility by making changes that cost little to nothing.

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When he speaks in public, he still has the air of an enthusiastic high school kid delivering an oral report.

Wireless enclosures create a secure space for the network connection and the wireless access point.

Wireless enclosures are easy to install and can be positioned where needed once the optimal location of the wireless access point has been determined by a site survey.

Facebook, the company of which he is chairman, CEO and co-founder, turned 10 this year. But Facebook isn’t a startup anymore, and Zuckerberg is no longer especially youthful. The story of Facebook’s first decade was one of relentless, rapacious growth, from a dorm-room side project to a global service with 8,000 employees and 1.35 billion users, on whose unprotesting backs Zuckerberg has built an advertising engine that generated .87 billion last year, a billion and a half of it profit.

Lately, Zuckerberg has been thinking about what the story of Facebook’s second decade should be and what most becomes the leader of a social entity that, if it were a country, would be the second most populous in the world, only slightly smaller than China.

If you’re living in this world – then you’re bound to have a spot with a serious cable mess.

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