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He trained under his Dad, Master tattoo artist Les Bowen, who has been tattooing since 1959.

Mr Stead said the highlight was when Art vs Science covered the Electric Six classic “Gay Bar” with around 400 people jumping around “rocking out”.So to create such exquisitely detailed works that are six or eight feet on a side is just mind-numbing.I love what I assume are additional technical challenges that Morales gives himself by slathering the subjects’ faces with mud or paint, adding not only visual interest to the face, but also textural hurdles to overcome for the paintings to “work.” Standing just feet or even inches away from the originals must be an incredibly powerful experience. Our aim is to provide a world-class tattooing and body piercing service, and our award collection and reputation, both here and abroad, testify to our success.TATTOOING, BODY PIERCING AND A FULL RANGE OF BODY JEWELLERY We specialise in custom and portrait art, and can fix or remodel your old tattoos. A native of Spain, Morales has been painting professionally since his first show at the age of 15.

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