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If the person in question frequently compliments you, on your physicality or your mind, it’s generally a good sign.Some people will be shy about it, some people will come straight out with ‘you’re really beautiful’ or ‘your eyes are gorgeous’ – different strokes, I guess.Don’t try to hang on to someone who doesn’t want you!This is a tricky one because it needs to be signposted all over with big signs saying ‘DIFFERENT PEOPLE ARE DIFFERENT AND WILL RESPOND TO FEELINGS DIFFERENTLY.’ There are a few baselines – as the great Captain Awkward says, people who like you will act like they like you – but this stuff is subject to an immense and absurd degree of individual variation.What she’s doing is trying to get you to notice her, to position herself so that you can make the “first move.” The problem is, a lot of guys are completely oblivious to this female ploy, so they can easily throw away a lot of chances to hook up. So if a woman starts appearing regularly in your path, chances are she’s doing it on purpose.An old saying goes, “Bodies don’t lie.” Nature has programmed humans with a complex set of non-verbal flirting signals that just flow spontaneously when they’re interested.Playful teasing is wonderful, but she started to take things too far, not even stopping after you’ve expressed your hurt.

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Yes, this opens you up to the possibility of rejection, and it does mean you really need to have figured out what you want from this person, but by doing that you’re a) maximizing the chances for them to respond favourably and b) ensuring that even if they say no you can gracefully walk away from the situation knowing that you’ve behaved well and courageously.

If every time you hang out – or fairly early in the conversation with an attractive new person at a party – the conversation repeatedly turns to being queer, what it means, how you experience it, how you came out, etc…then it’s worth considering it might be a hint.

Do you ever get that sick feeling when you start doubting your relationship — new or old?

The obvious solution is to start looking for changes in her behavior, but behaviors can change for all kinds of reasons. If she isn’t thinking of you for the 30 seconds it takes to text, there is usually a reason.

These range from the widening of the iris when looking at the object of desire to more overt displays such as smiling or touching.

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